Five Blogging “Rules” To Live By

There have been many news stories about blogs and the various concequences many individuals have had to deal with as a result of content that has been posted. Many bloggers do so responsibly, but far more seem to treat a blog as a secret diary. The following are my personal blogging “rules that I generally follow (some of which I always follow).

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New Case/Components

I decided this weekend to ditch the slower Dell computer that I’m currently using and instead build a nicer setup using the components from my 2.8GHz system. The reason I’ve been using the Dell is because it’s a small form-factor and easily sits in my current entertainment center. However, I’d prefer to take advantage of the faster computer and I did sink around $1500 when I originally built it a couple of years ago.

While I could do it this month I’ll wait until the next pay day because of the cost. I was already looking at purchasing a new soundcard with 7.1 channel support and optical digital out, which will bump up the total cost for those two items to about $250. I’m somewhat amazed that I want to do this since I’ve always considered fancy computer cases a waste of money.

The case I’m looking at is the silver Bach series by Thermaltake. The following link goes to the product page for this case at the Thermaltake website:

There’s a slim chance that I may choose to go with the Mystic series, but regardless of which case I choose I do not plan to purchase the kit that includes their media software and remote since there are plenty of other products available.

Dynex USB/Firewire iPod Dock Adapter Doesn't Charge

I was very dissappointed when I plugged in my almost dead iPod and found that it wouldn’t charge. I’ve only tried it once on a different computer than I usually use but so far the result was not good. If I had known for certain this would the case I wouldn’t have bought it as I have more of a need to be able to charge the iPod using another computer than I do to only sync it.

OS X vs. Windows

I don’t know why but I feel like writing about this subject…

I use both operating systems on a daily basis. I’ve used older versions of Mac OS and Windows in addition to Linux and others. My opinion (which is mostly what any blog really is about) is that each operating system is ideally suited for specific needs.

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