Updated Router/AP Firmware from Sveasoft to DD-WRT


About a year ago I replaced the stock firmware in my Linksys WRT54G v.3 wireless residential router with a Sveasoft version. At the time my WRT54G did not support wireless bridging. I wanted to bridge between two access points to eliminate a cable that was previously run across the floor in front of my kitchen. This also added three more wired ports to the entertainment center, which is where my X-Box and another PC were located at one time.

On the other end of the bridge is a Belking F5D7230-4 v2000. This unit was my primary (and only) router prior to the addition of the bridge setup. Back when I had decided to setup a bridge my original intention was to purchase another F5D7230. I was concerned that the Belkin router would only bridge with another Belkin router. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the same model at Wal-Mart. Before I purchased the Linksys WRT54G I actually purchased another F5D7230 but after walking out to the car and opening up the box I learned that even though it was the same series it was not the same router. It only had one antenna, was of smaller dimensions, and did not support bridging. I returned it to Wal-Mart and went ahead and spent an additional $20 for the Linksys router.

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