Dreamweaver 8 for OS X Bug – Viewing Large Files


Last week one of my co-workers encountered a strange bug that in Dreamweaver 8 for OS X. It does not appear to be present in the Windows version. He was trying to edit an older page but the lower part of the page simply disappeared in Design View.


I searched the Adobe forums and found the following post about this bug though the postings are specific to large text files.

Problems with displaying large text files

In my co-workers case it wasn’t a problem with a plain-text file but instead an HTML file (granted HTML files are really just plain-text files, but I’m referring to the context of this file-type within Dreamweaver).

No solution exists but there is a simple work-around, which is to reduce the view zoom from 100% down to 66%. Though the text may be more difficult to view at least it can be seen.

This bug exists even with the 8.02 update. Hopefully, it’s been fixed in the CS3 release.

Super Paper Mario – Part 2


Updated 08/27/2011: This post was originally published on May 28, 2007. It was lost in a migration from another blog but recently recovered from a backup.

Last week I posted an entry about Super Paper Mario for the Nintendo Wii.

While writing that post I had opted not to include was my opinion at the time that this game did not have enough replay value to merit purchasing it. I have since beaten the game and my opinion has reversed. There’s a lot more to do after completing the normal story.


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Super Paper Mario


A friend recently loaned me his Super Paper Mario game for the Nintendo Wii. Most nights, after work, I haven’t felt like dedicating a lot of time to playing video games but last weekend I finally began playing the game. It was time considering I had it for a week before I even tried it.

It’s an enjoyable game that is reminiscent of the original 2-D side-scrolling games of the first NES, which I’ve felt has been lacking since the end of the Super Nintendo. The game-play is straightforward and most puzzles are easy to figure out on one’s own, though I hit a few that I didn’t feel like wrestling with and decided to find the answers on the Internet.

The ability to switch between characters, “pixls”, and dimensions defines the game and is usually critical to progressing through various parts of the game.

Be warned, it requires many hours of playing to finish. In fact, I’m at the beginning of the last chapter so I still have at least a few hours left before I’m done.

I highly recommend that other Wii owners at least consider renting the game.

Digital Camera Restored by Thunking It


Several years ago I had a computer (one of the first I ever built) that had bad IDE card. Helpdesk/computer shop veterans will note that it was a card and thus a computer constructed before IDE ports became standard motherboard features. Well, from time to time it would “flake out” and the system wouldn’t boot. It literally required a kick-start. A swift kick to the side of the case usually got it working again.

Computer parts have come a long way since then and these days one is more likely to cause damage to a system by kicking it. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it and even then it wasn’t the brightest thing to do (but it did work).

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Wii Virtual Console Titles


Several of us who own a Nintendo Wii are left wondering how games are selected to become Virtual Console titles. I’m beginning to suspect that many of the games I remember playing (and have yet to be released for the Virtual Console) may be locked up in licensing issues. Here’s a list of some of the games I’d like to see made available:

Double Dragon 2
Dr. Mario
Dragon Warrior
Final Fantasy
Metroid (added August 13, 2007)
Super Mario Bros. 2 (added June 2, 2007)
Super Mario Bros. 3 (added November 2007)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
Yoshi (added June 9, 2007)

Now, Yoshi wasn’t really a game I miss playing, but it was a good puzzle game in its time and certainly seems more appropriate than many of the games that are available as Virtual Console titles. I never played the Final Fantasy series on Nintendo, but they were popular at the time.