It’s (Not) So Easy to Switch


If you’ve read previous entries then you know that I prefer Mac OS X over Windows (any version).

Apple runs some very clever commercials. I’ve enjoyed most of them, though I thought the recent “Genius” commercial was a bit pretentious. I can’t claim from personal experience as to how knowledgeable most Apple store staff are, but I’m well aware of how “un-knowledgeable” retail staff often are, in general.

My primary issue with the “Get A Mac” campaign is that it glosses over many aspects of the switch process. While Apple certainly has every right (and reason) to promote it’s products as much as possible I think it’s also going a bit far to claim (or at least give the impression) that a Mac is best for everyone.

Switching to a Mac is not an easy process for everyone, especially anyone planning to use one in a corporate environment.

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CS3 Trial Software


I decided that maybe it was finally time to invest in a copy of CS3 for home use. In the past I used free software for personal projects but lately I’ve found most packages to not be quite as good as the commercial apps. So, next month I may commit to purchasing the Adobe CS3 Web Premium bundle. It’s not cheap, but I think it will be worth the cost in the long run.

Tonight I downloaded Dreamweaver CS3, which is the first time I’ve actually used the new CS3 version. Overall it doesn’t look much different, which is somewhat of a relief. I’m also downloading the Illustrator CS3 demo.

For Web-based design work I prefer to use Adobe Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, and sometimes Acrobat Pro. The Web Premium bundle seems to be my best choice, especially since I rarely work with print or video/audio.

iPhoto Organization


I’ve had a Mac for at least a couple of years now and even though iPhoto was included I hadn’t used it properly. Only on a few occasions have I imported photos directly into it. Finally, this weekend I began organizing photos that I transferred from the G4 and began importing them into iPhoto on the G5 (and deleting duplicates).

While I knew it was a good program I must admit that I’m even more impressed now that I’m using it to organize my photos. I especially like the ability to add keywords and then build Smart Albums that can automatically add photos from the Library based on certain characteristics such as assigned keywords. For example, I can tag a photo with the keyword Friends and it shows up in a Smart Album that looks for that keyword.

Return to Ecto


Aside from not blogging very often anyway I finally loaded Ecto on my G5. I had purchased it a while back but tended to use the Web interface for adding new posts instead. One of the reasons I decided to reload Ecto was to maintain a backup on my computer of my blogs. Another reason was simply because I had spent the money on it.

I looked into using iWeb but it doesn’t seem to support existing blog software, at least not according to the Apple page that seemed to focus on the ability for iWeb to generate a blog from templates.

Wii Games Update


I purchased my own copy of Super Paper Mario last week and finished the last two challenges on Saturday. I completed the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials for the second time and also beat the 100 Rounds in Chapter 6. After stockpiling over 20 Ultra Shroom Shakes both were relatively easy.

At the same time I picked up Super Paper Mario I also bought a used copy of Super Mario Sunshine for the Gamecube (the Wii also plays original Gamecube game discs) and so far I’ve earned about 35 Shine Sprits (earning Shine Sprites is similar to winning them in the Nintendo 64 game Super Mario 64). I used to own a Gamecube. I had also owned Super Mario Sunshine at one time and while I had beaten the game I did not collect all of the Shine Sprites. I’m thinking of making another attempt.

I find it somewhat amusing that someone my age is still enjoying these simpler games (not the run, jump, and shoot 3-D games that I tended to play during my late high-school and early college days). I have several friends close to my age (with established careers and some with families) who own a Wii and play regularly. It does feel a bit strange at times to hold a conversation with another adult that include “Oh, to do that you’ve first got to get such and such item”, etc…

But it’s still fun.

This week’s new Virtual Console releases still are lacking a majority of games that I think of as truly defining the age of the original NES and Super NES. Legend of Zelda 2 was included, but it wasn’t a game I cared much for the first time it was released. Nintendo seems to only release one classic game per week that I actually heard of or played.

Everybody Votes Channel


Yeah! My voter prediction accuracy for the Everybody Votes Channel on the Wii is now up to 75.8%. That’s the highest I’ve gotten so far. That’s with 22 wins and 7 losses out of a total 33. That doesn’t add up, but I’m guessing the difference is for polls I never responded, which were probably sent to my system before I started playing Everybody Votes. The lowest score I’ve had was around 70% to 69% accuracy.

For those without a Wii the Everybody Votes Channel is a Wii Channel you can download. It’s a simple mini-game in which the player selects one of only two answers to a new poll. Once you’ve answered and your response has been sent you can then vote on what you think will be the most popular answer. Your answer does not have to match what you think the majority will select.

Many of the results are extremely close (some are nearly divided in half with a difference of only one percent). It’s a simple time-waster that only takes a few minutes during each session. New questions arrive and I typically have a few days to respond. Questions are group into regional polls (I believe mine is restricted to the United States) and then there is another category for Worldwide polls, which arrive less often and generally have a longer period in which they can be responded to.