Burnout Paradise (for those who were unimpressed by the demo)

I’ve been a big fan of the Burnout series of racing/crashing games since the original was released. I have favorites and fond memories of these games. I don’t really have a favorite – each has its redeeming qualities, though Paradise almost my favorite of all.

In fall of 2007 I put down a reserve for Burnout Paradise at GameStop. Later in the year (or perhaps it was in early spring of the next year) I downloaded and played the Burnout Paradise demo via XBox Live. A few of my friends tried it out, too.

We were unimpressed. Ultimately, I cancelled the reserve on Burnout Paradise and used the money for a reserve on Mario Kart Wii.

At this point I wish to stress the following to all Burnout fans who have not given Paradise a chance: Purchase the complete game. It’s very good and the open world offers a lot of replay value.

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iPhone – Likes and dislikes so far…

I’ve had an iPhone since last spring. It has proven to be a good phone and iPod combination, though certainly not without some issues. For me, the most irritating problem is its apparent difficulty in maintaining a signal in poor coverage areas.

It may sound strange to complain about poor reception in an area that doesn’t have good coverage to start with. This makes sense by stating that my fiancĂ©’s phone, which was not as expensive or feature-rich as my iPhone, can maintain reception in this area.

My home is in an area of weak coverage, which is caused in part by the immediate geography. I can rarely answer the phone (it often won’t even ring) when I’m indoors. In order to carry on a conversation I must walk outside.

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Wii… Oh yeah, I forgot that I have one.

I have owned a Nintendo Wii for more than a year and half. It seems to gather a lot of dust. For some reason, I just don’t play games on it very often. The odd thing is that whenever I buy a game series for the Wii that I’ve been anticipating, it seems to be the best version ever. Yet after only a week or two I often hardly ever play the new game again.

I suppose it’s the novelty of the device that regains my interest from time-to-time but repetition has, at times, become rather tiresome. I’m also having a difficult time remaining interested in new games from old series.

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