Chinese Windows users complaining about piracy notice


There have been several posts and articles about complaints from Chinese computer users to Microsoft regarding a recent system update for Windows. The update automatically changes the background to display a notice reminding users of pirated copies of Windows to purchase legal versions. If the background has been changed the system will change it back after an hour.

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time thinking about what I wanted to post here and I think I’ve finally managed to consolidate my opinion regarding this matter, which I will detail below.


Updated 12/10/2012: Some folks may have missed the obvious point here so I’ll spell it out. These people are complaining about their pirated software. They are upset that the software they (probably) acquired illegally reminds them to purchase a valid license. It’s silly and they are fortunate that the software only changes the background instead of shutting down.

Using a Mac to stream Netflix Instant Watch to a PS3


My original plan for viewing Netflix Instant Watch video on my TV, sans laptop, was to rely on the upcoming Xbox 360 Dashboard update. However, now that I’ve traded in the 360 that is obviously not an option.

The PS3 provides built-in support for media servers. Being a Mac user my options are somewhat limited. The same company that makes Connect360 for streaming media to a 360 also has a PS3 product. Unfortunatley, it doesn’t stream Netflix Instant Watch content, which is primarily a limitation caused by the inability to using Netflix Instant Watch in OS X (something that may be remedied with Microsoft Silverlight in the near future), though I have no idea whether or not the developers plan to add Netflix capability once it is available natively on Mac systems.

While reading through various posts on this subject, I kept finding references to PlayOn!, a program that handles many of the media server functions commonly associated with Microsoft’s media server and is capable of streaming Netflix content in addition to other media to a 360 and/or a PS3.

Oh, what is a Mac user to do?

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A Wii for a Playstation 3


In a recent post I mentioned that I haven’t been using my Nintendo Wii very much. Well, to make matters worse for the Wii it did not help that I have been wanting a Blu-Ray player for a while. After work, about a week ago, I gathered up the Wii along with a handful of games and accessories and traded everything in for store credit at the local GameStop.

The cost difference between the store credit and a new Playstation 3 (80 GB) was about the same as the cost of a new game, though ultimately my cost was slightly higher because I added an extended warranty. I’ve been pleased with the trade and haven’t missed the Wii.

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