Remee Sleep Mask (for Lucid Dreaming)



The Remee (The REM enhancing eyemask) began its life as a Kickstarter project that ended up receiving far more funding than originally requested. I didn’t jump in early – I ended up ordering one after it was fully funded and almost ready for production. My single order cost $95. This isn’t an item to order spontaneously if you’re expecting to have your own Inception going on.

So, what is it? Well, it’s a device intended to assist in achieving lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are ones in which you become aware that you’re dreaming – if you’d like to know more you can find plenty of information via Google search. It does this by flashing red LED lights at set brightness levels and with a programmed delay. The intention is for the flashing to bleed through into your dreams and effectively remind you that you are dreaming.

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iPhone 4 PowerMat Wireless Charging System



I didn’t find any Black Friday deals that interested me. We just don’t care to fight the crowds for mediocre sales (or cheap equipment being sold at what I consider to be the most appropriate price). In the end, we didn’t hit up any stores until after 6 pm that Friday.

While going through Wal-Mart I did find one item that I ended up purchasing, though it was in the regular clearance isle. At a reduced price was an (unopened) iPhone 4 PowerMat Wireless Charging System. I’ve been considering the PowerMat system for a while but the prices usually put me off. I wasn’t going to assume it was a deal just because it was marked as a clearance item so I whipped out the iPhone and checked the current price on Amazon. The Amazon price was about $8 higher. The Wal-Mart price was $30, which seemed reasonable so I bought it.

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Smart PDA Phone Toy at the Dollar Tree


While visiting a local Dollar Tree store I came upon an item that I found very interesting. It’s a plastic smartphone PDA toy for kids. What interested me was the icons on the fake screen:


Apple iOS device owners should find them very familiar. Several appear to be direct rip-offs of iOS icons. Others were slightly modified (or older versions that have since been changed).