Organizing Batteries with a Battery Daddy


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The Battery Daddy (in box)

Being a tech geek, and also having a child, batteries are often in demand. Though I do have rechargeable batteries that I frequently use, I’ve found that some toys and devices work better with disposable batteries in certain cases, so I still order sets of batteries from Amazon from time to time. I can’t tell you if the quality of the Amazon Basics is any better than other brands, but I certainly get more for my money.

For several years I’ve simply kept them in a plain, plastic box. At some point I started using some small battery organizers, which worked alright but even then the little box can get clutterd. At some point, while shopping, I encountered the Battery Daddy. It’s a neat little organizer that is designed to hold a lot of batteries with storage on both sides of the carrying case. At the time, I just made a note as a reminder but didn’t purchase it.

Last month I finally got around to ordering my own Battery Daddy from Amazon for about $17. I’m definitely pleased with this purchase. It keeps the batteries from getting cluttered and rolling around – the large volume of batteries that I order easily fit in this case with room to spare.

If you’re into keeping things organized, I think this is definitely a worth-while purchase.

New Addition: Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries


Final Verdict Added 01/03/2013: After having used these batteries, along with some older Energizer, for some time I’m not left with the impression that they’re any better. Perhaps they perform better in a laboratory but I’ve found they’re just as likely to be discharged (or nearly discharged) as the Energizers when I need to use them and this is despite recharging all of the batteries at least a few times a year in an attempt to ensure they’ll be ready when I need them.

I’m not convinced that they’re worth the premium charge, especially since they typically have less capacity than similar batteries that cost less. As far as batteries are concerned they seem fine but I just haven’t had an experience that leads me to believe that they are superior.

It’s easy for me to remember the rechargeable batteries that my dad used to have. It seems that it took forever for them to recharge and they were much more expensive than current rechargeable batteries.

Several years ago I started using Energizer rechargeable batteries along with a charger by the same company. In general, I typically used them in digital cameras or entertainment remotes. They worked well though tended to discharge fairly quickly when not in use.

A couple of years ago my wife purchased a battery charger from my wish list, which has extended the life of the Energizer rechargeables. However, every once in a while I’d find a mention of the Sanyo Eneloop brand that caught my attention.

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La Crosse Technology BC-9009 Battery Charger


I’m surprised I hadn’t posted anything about this device but it appears to have been neglected. A couple of years ago my wife purchased a La Crosse Technology BC-9009 Battery Charger from my Amazon wish list. This certainly qualifies as a geek gift. I think she thought I was crazy for being happy about receiving it as a gift.

I’ve used Energizer rechargeable batteries for several years. Until my wife bought that charger I was still using an older Energizer charger.¬† Some time ago I had became curious about the different types of chargers available and the La Crosse brand had caught my attention.

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