Sound Logic Retrophone Cell Phone Handset Attachment


More expensive versions of the retro-handset concept have been around for a while. A buddy of mine used to have a Bluetooth version that he used with his iPhone. I wasn’t interested in buying one at the time because they typically cost around $40 at the time. However, I just couldn’t pass this one up at only $10. I came across the Sound Logic Retrophone Cell Phone Handset Attachment at our local CVS (during the same visit when I purchased a cheap router).

It works well as a gag. The sound quality seems to be OK though it doesn’t sound as good as my iPhone speaker. However, this actually adds to the retro concept – the reduced quality is reminiscent of the old analog phones.

There isn’t really much more information to offer. It works as I expected it would and at only $10 I’m not too concerned if it falls apart in the next couple of months.

CrystalView Wireless Instant Router and Repeater


The Short Version: I only purchased this to extend an existing network. Once I figured out that it could only setup a new wifi network by using the original one as an Internet connection I ditched it. I had no interest in setting up multiple wifi networks just to extend my range. I probably could have configured the device to successfully setup another wifi network, but since that wasn’t why I purchased it I didn’t bother tweaking it any further. For more information about setting this device up you might find the many comments more useful.

I came across a very cheap wireless router at the local CVS (CrystalView Wireless Instant Router and Repeater). Now, I’m not in need of a router but what caught my attention was that it also claimed to have a repeater mode. It was marked at $25 and I thought it might serve as a good alternative to other wireless extender options. I didn’t need anything fancy but I wanted to increase the wireless coverage in part of our home.

After tinkering with it I found that it doesn’t work the way I expected. Technically, I don’t think it’s appropriate to call this device a repeater.¬† As far as I can tell it doesn’t repeat a wireless network. In my mind this should mean that the wireless configuration is the same and that all devices appear to be on the same network. It does not seem to be capable of extending an existing wireless network.

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