Pebble Smartwatch


I’ve carried an iPhone around for some time (probably since a year after they were first released). Overall, it’s been a good choice for me and most of the initial annoyances I dealt with have been resolved over the course of several generations. However, one problem I’ve dealt with is sometimes not realizing when I’ve received a text message or have an incoming phone call (I usually carry my phone in my pocket).

This wasn’t a constant problem but it did happen often enough to be an issue. A couple of years ago I started searching for a wristwatch with Bluetooth capability that would vibrate or provide some other form of notification that was obvious. I did find devices that were almost what I was looking for but they were too expensive (several hundred dollars), had poor reviews, or they looked more like bracelets than watches. I had no interest in wearing two devices (for example, a watch and a device just for notifications) so I didn’t bother acquiring any of the devices available at the time.

Then I become familiar with the Kickstarter project for the Pebble Smartwatch. Sometimes I’d read about the progress of the project on tech sites or hear it mentioned in the TWiT podcast. I was interested, but not interested enough to become an early adopter so I waited. I also wanted to see the watch in person before deciding to find out just how big the watches really are.

This year the Pebble went into full production and was eventually available for sell at Best Buy stores. On a recent visit to a store I remembered to look for one. Sure enough, a couple were in stock. After seeing it in person I decided it wasn’t too large to wear (I didn’t want to walk around with a clunky box attached to my wrist) and finally purchased one. In Best Buy stores they sell for about $150. They are also listed on Amazon but are usually much more expensive.

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Migrated from Mail 4.5 (Snow Leopard) to Outlook 2011


I’ve use a Mac as my primary desktop computer for several years. During that time I’ve stuck with using Apple’s Overall it’s been a good e-mail client. However, it hasn’t changed much since I started using it in OS X 10.4 (Tiger) up through 10.5 (Snow Leopard).

It worked well for my needs but I was using Entourage and, more recently, Outlook 2011 (for Mac) at work and as a result I’ve become accustomed to features that I don’t have at home in Specifically, I find the search features in lacking.

For example, every now and then I like to go through old e-mails and reduce the storage used by the archives. In Outlook I can refine searches for e-mails with attachments based on attachment sizes. In all I can do is identify e-mails with attachments.

This weekend I imported my account settings and e-mails into Outlook. The process was simple. is an OK e-mail client. I’ve rarely had any problems with it but it just hasn’t evolved enough to still make it suitable for my needs.

I’m not planning to use the contacts and calendar functions of Outlook – I’m still satisfied with OS X’s Address Book and iCal programs.