‘OSStatus error -9459’ When Attempting To Export iPhoto Slideshow


The Short Version: The process quits with an error if the display sleeps. Disabling the display sleep option works around the problem.

My wife spent hours working on an iPhoto Slideshow but ran into a problem. When she tried to export to iDVD the export process crashed.

I attempted to export the Slideshow to an MP4 file, thinking that perhaps it was a problem with the integration between iPhoto and iDVD. Somewhere in the process it failed and reported an error of “OSStatus error -9459”.

Despite the fact that it crashed I did have an error code to research at that point. I quickly hit upon one solution in a Mac Forums post offered by user 6string. The suggestion was simple: change the display sleep delay to “Never”.

My wife’s laptop wasn’t set to sleep but the display was. I made the change and fired off another export process. Once I know it’s successfully completed I’ll add an update to this post.

Cataloging with Delicious Library and Home Inventory (OS X)


The Short Version: I cataloged our movies with Delicious Library 2 but needed to replicate the data in Home Inventory. Delicious Library provides an export to CSV function and Home Inventory can import CSV files. Now I have the data for our library in both programs and using an iOS program for Home Inventory I can also maintain and view a backup copy of the database on my iPhone.

I’ve had a copy of Delicious Library (version 1) for several years. It’s a well-designed commercial Mac program for cataloging¬† movies, CDs, games, and books. The latest version (Delicious Library 2) includes more features and categories. Both versions support barcode scanning, which I’ve always done with the built-in iSight camera. It can look-up product information using Amazon and automatically download product images, title, retail value, and other pieces of information.

A week or two ago we decided to catalog all of our movies after a visit to Wal-Mart. While there we browsed the cheap movie section but we were reluctant to purchase for fear that we already owned them. When we returned home my wife downloaded an app to her iPod for cataloging movies. I decided to open up Delicious Library and paid $15 to upgrade to the latest version.

We both spent at least a couple of hours scanning or manually entering information for our movies.

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