Will Apple Become an Innovator Again?


It’s a question that runs through my mind every time that I consider purchasing a new Apple device. That’s also a mode that I find myself in much less often these days. I’m certainly not stating that I won’t buy any more Apple products or that I even dislike the ones that we already have in our house. It’s my interest in Apple as an innovative company that is waning.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t even bother commenting on whether or not a company is innovative. It’s a very competitive business that struggles to compete with the expectations of consumers, technological advancement, and the simple goal of making a profit.

In the case of Apple I think this question is deserved. They’re good at building hype and now they’re having to deal with a failing interest in the hype. As many have often said, Apple has settled for being evolutionary rather than revolutionary of late. In some cases, they even seem to have simply “jumped the shark” (for example, the new Mac Pro design).

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Migrated from Mail 4.5 (Snow Leopard) to Outlook 2011


I’ve use a Mac as my primary desktop computer for several years. During that time I’ve stuck with using Apple’s Mail.app. Overall it’s been a good e-mail client. However, it hasn’t changed much since I started using it in OS X 10.4 (Tiger) up through 10.5 (Snow Leopard).

It worked well for my needs but I was using Entourage and, more recently, Outlook 2011 (for Mac) at work and as a result I’ve become accustomed to features that I don’t have at home in Mail.app. Specifically, I find the search features in Mail.app lacking.

For example, every now and then I like to go through old e-mails and reduce the storage used by the archives. In Outlook I can refine searches for e-mails with attachments based on attachment sizes. In Mail.app all I can do is identify e-mails with attachments.

This weekend I imported my account settings and e-mails into Outlook. The process was simple.

Mail.app is an OK e-mail client. I’ve rarely had any problems with it but it just hasn’t evolved enough to still make it suitable for my needs.

I’m not planning to use the contacts and calendar functions of Outlook – I’m still satisfied with OS X’s Address Book and iCal programs.