Pebble Smartwatch Update (and a general opinion of smartwatches)



It’s been almost eight months since I first acquired a Pebble Smartwatch. So, after all this time what do I think of the watch? It’s very good at providing it’s basic, out-of-the box features. My experience seems to have been better than some. Others have had more issues with firmware updates, reliability, and connectivity. I’ve experienced some of these problems myself though I was able to overcome them.

Initially, I had more issues with connectivity. For a while it would refuse to connect to the phone about once every two weeks and the process required restarting both the phone and the watch (and sometimes resetting configuration settings) to get it working properly. Over the past few months those problems have nearly dropped to zero.

Yet, I have elected to not take full advantage of the additional features available via the installation of apps. The few times I’ve tried them I’ve noted an increase in problems with both connectivity and stability. Early on I simply chose to avoid them and I suspect that’s the main reason that I’ve experienced fewer issues.

For the most part, I’m only interested in the clock, a few custom watch faces, and the notifications.

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The Workbox (Made by The Original ScrapBox)


As long as we’ve been in our house my wife has needed a proper solution for storing her various craft supplies. Over the years we moved some plastic drawers and spare shelves into the room but they didn’t work well for her purposes. Though many of the containers would hold most of her items they were difficult to keep organized and simply weren’t made for this purpose.

Early this month she decided to purchase The Workbox, which is made by a company named The Original ScrapBox. At first glance some may hesitate on purchasing one because of the cost (around $1,600) but, after seeing it in use, I think my wife made a good choice with this purchase. Note that the above photo of the Workbox does not show the included shelving and storage.

This post isn’t going to cover the full details of assembly or a personal review of The Workbox (afterall, this is my wife’s purchase and not mine). Instead, I just wanted to mention a handful of items that some may consider stumbling blocks or that may not be immediately obvious.
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