It’s Still Working: As of October 2019


Every now and then I like to add updates to my various blog posts to indicate whether or not an individual product that I purchased, often several years ago, is still working. I think this may be a little helpful to anyone that has recently purchased, or is thinking about purchasing, the same product.

This is not a list of every single item that I’ve purchased. It doesn’t include things that might be sitting in a closet and haven’t been used in a while. This is a list of things that I’ve recently used, or, I know are still working (in a few cases I’ve listed items that I don’t own anymore, but I know they still work). Some I’ve used only once or twice in the past month, while others are items that I use on a daily basis. Items that failed, or I sold for some reason, aren’t here (it doesn’t mean those items were bad, but, I’m not actually now).

In general, I would normally go back and update each post with this information. I may still do this, but today I decided to take the lazy route and simply list the items that I still use (sometimes frequently and other times, infrequently), starting with the oldest items.

Note that there a number of other products that I’ve never created a post about, which are just as worthy of being listed. Perhaps one day, I’ll cover those (for example, the portable battery I’ve been using for several years, my MacBook Air (mid-2013) that’s still kicking or the various Zwave devices I’ve been using for a long time).

Super Mario Bros 3 Lives & Items Cheat (Super Mario All-Stars Wii)


I discovered an interesting cheat for Super Mario Bros 3 in Super Mario Bros All-Stars for Wii. Perhaps this is a bug or maybe even something that was by design. It may have existed in the SNES version though it’s been so long since I played it that I don’t remember. While running through World 1 I decided to save and see what happened when I reloaded the game.

When I reloaded the save I was disappointed to see that I would have to go through the levels again. But then I noticed that I had the same number of lives and the same items from before. I proceeded to play through World 1 and then stopped and saved before I got to the castle.

Using this trick I ended up with three warp whistles in World 1! I probably could have gained more but since I didn’t really plan to use them I instead started stocking up on items and lives. Using the old infinite lives trick on 1-2 it wasn’t long before I had several items and a good stock of lives before moving on to World 2.