Zojirushi: The Perfect Travel Mug


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Ok. Maybe it’s not perfect for everyone but it seems to be a great choice for a technology professional that travels off-and-on. Back in 2017 my reliable Thermos-brand travel mug started to leak around the seals of the lid and rather than simply purchase a direct replacement, I decided to look for something new.

This particular one, a Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug (16-Ounce, SM-KHE48AG) caught my eye, perhaps because of its simple design, as well as the locking cap. It’s small enough, and with the locking cap, perfect for tossing into a backpack when traveling. Even if you have a laptop and other devices in the same bag. While my previous travel mug did not leak very much, the lid was not secured in such a fashion.

The reviews were very positive, it wasn’t expensive (just under $25) and it looked like a good size.

And it has been. I have indeed taken this to conferences, tossing it into my backpack and carrying it around like that much of the day. It keeps coffee hot for long periods of time. In fact, due to how the lid itself is constructed, I’ve let it open for over an hour and just watched the steam continue to flow out of the top, waiting for it to cool enough to drink.

It’s been perfect, but the first one I ordered had one drawback. It was too tall to fit under a Keurig, even with the removable base of the Keurig pulled away, which meant that I had to brew the coffee into a standard mug and then pour it into the Zojirushi.

I know, I know. That’s not necessarily a deal breaker but when you’re never certain if you’ll find your coffee mug, or at least find it clean, in an office breakroom it can be a bit of an inconvenience.

This year I ordered the 12-ounce version of the Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug ($22, SM-KHE36AG), which fits perfectly under the Keurig. And, aside from size, it’s no different from the first one that I purchased. It’s even the same color.

If you’re looking for something to keep hot liquids in, or even cool liquids, I highly recommend this.

Reusable Coffee Filters for Keurig


This post contains Amazon Associate links. If you purchase something through them I may get a small commission, which helps cover the hosting costs for this blog.


If you’re shopping for some reusbable coffee filters for a Keurig (1.0 and 2.0 brewers according to the product page) then the 6-Pack Reusable Gold Plated Mesh Coffee Filters that I purchased from iParsPlusMore (via Amazon) may work well for you. The six pack was only about $10. We’ve used them several times, and haven’t had any problems with them, yet. They’re rather simple devices.

Sometimes I just want to use regular coffee grounds for a cup of coffee.


Using Keurig Starbucks House Blend in a Regular Coffee Maker


First of all, I’m not suggesting that you can save money by doing this. I ended up figuring out this work work simply because I wasn’t paying attention when I picked it up at Walmart. The box of Keurig Starbucks coffee was sitting near a bunch of other Starbucks items including the different offerings for single-serve coffees. I mistakenly thought I was picking up a box of the single-serve coffee pouches that can be mixed up in a cup of hot water.

Once I got home I realized it was intended only for Keurig brewers. As it turns out, we do have one but I didn’t try to use it because it’s been sitting around collecting dust for a while and probably needs a good cleaning, at the least.

Rather than try to return the coffee I decided to put it to use in my coffee maker. I figured the Keurig didn’t do much more than mix it with hot water anyway.

So far it seems that one Keurig coffee container goes well with four cups of water in the coffee maker. It seems to scale up fine – I’ve brewed eight cups using two containers.

If you go this route just be careful when opening the containers. The coffee blend is dry but very fine and can easily get all over the place.

Updated 02/20/2013: Well, once again I made a similar mistake but this time it worked out much better. I purchased a bag of Starbucks coffee beans thinking that I was buying ground coffee. We don’t have a coffee grinder but my father-in-law showed me a simple trick. He ground the coffee beans using our Magic Bullet, which worked great. I found out that he had recently made the same mistake and also happens to own a Magic Bullet.