Using ffmpeg on macOS to Correct AVI Index Errors and Convert to MP4


I’ve had a dashcam in my car for several years. My first dashcam worked great but after a few years it died. I replaced it with a less expensive unit and, as they say, you get what you pay for. It works OK. The quality and perspective isn’t as good as my first dashcam – it also doesn’t record GPS and current speed. If I replace this one I’m definitely going to get one that has features more similar to my first dashcam.

In addition, the video that I pull from the SD cards it records to usually have index errors, which prevent the videos from playing in most players (it works in VLC but requires a little bit of preprocessing to correct index issues). Obviously, this isn’t very good for something recording video that might one day be provided to law enforcement, compiled into a video poking fun at bad drivers or perhaps on the rare ocassion you’re nearly hit by a horse and rider as they gallop across a busy highway. I used ffmpeg to correct this issue with the last video prevoiusly linked.

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‘OSStatus error -9459’ When Attempting To Export iPhoto Slideshow


The Short Version: The process quits with an error if the display sleeps. Disabling the display sleep option works around the problem.

My wife spent hours working on an iPhoto Slideshow but ran into a problem. When she tried to export to iDVD the export process crashed.

I attempted to export the Slideshow to an MP4 file, thinking that perhaps it was a problem with the integration between iPhoto and iDVD. Somewhere in the process it failed and reported an error of “OSStatus error -9459”.

Despite the fact that it crashed I did have an error code to research at that point. I quickly hit upon one solution in a Mac Forums post offered by user 6string. The suggestion was simple: change the display sleep delay to “Never”.

My wife’s laptop wasn’t set to sleep but the display was. I made the change and fired off another export process. Once I know it’s successfully completed I’ll add an update to this post.