Creating Desktop Shortcuts for Quick Access to Startup Disk Options in OS X and Windows 7 (Boot Camp)


This post just provides some quick tips on creating desktop shortcuts for accessing the Preferences Pane (OS X) and Control Panel (Windows 7) options for selecting the startup disk on a Mac.

These aren’t single-click shortcuts that will initiate an automatic reboot into the other OS, though I may work on that later. These tips will just save a few clicks when preparing to boot into OS X or Windows on a Mac. I’ve been using this method for some time.

Creating a Startup Disk Alias in OS X

  1. In the Finder go to your primary OS X drive
  2. Navigate to System -> Library -> PreferencePanes
  3. Select StartupDisk.prefPane
  4. Click and drag to the Desktop while holding Cmd + Option
  5. Rename the alias, if desired

Creating a Desktop Shortcut in Windows 7

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Click on System and Security
  3. Right-Click on Boot Camp
  4. Select Create Shortcut from the context menu