How to Backup Blog Images Using SiteSucker (OS X)


In the past, when I moved blogs to different platforms, I lost blog photos because I didn’t make an effort to back them up or transfer them. Today, I decided to establish a process for grabbing all of the images that I use in this blog, just in case I ever need to have a copy.

I frequently backup the blog itself as an XML file using the built-in export tool. However, this only backs up the written content and architecture – it doesn’t backup the media files.

There are several different programs that could be used and probably various methodsĀ  as well. In my case, I’m using a blog with a custom domain. In addition, the backup process is done using a Mac.

To scrape the blog content I chose to use SiteSucker, which is a donationware software program for OS X. To reduce the data that is backed up down to a minimal set that includes the images, I changed some of the default settings.

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“Installation Alert” for iTunes While Installing iOS SDK


I ran into a problem while installing the iPhone SDK. A few minutes from the end the install paused and I was prompted with an “Installation Alert” informing me that iTunes needed to be closed before the install could proceed.

I closed iTunes but the prompt remained. Well, the install process had taken a long time so I didn’t want to quit and start over. The solution was simple.

I opened “Activity Monitor” and noticed that while iTunes wasn’t open the “iTunes Helper” process was still active. I shut down the process and a few seconds later the install of the SDK proceeded.