Blank Screen in OS X Remote Desktop Connection


Recently I started having a problem when connecting to a Windows 7 system from OS X Snow Leopard using Remote Desktop Connection (2.1.0). RDC appeared to connect properly but I could only see a blank screen.

Testing the same version of RDC from another computer seemed to work just fine.

I don’t know why the problem occurred but the solution was simple. I had to change the RDC Preferences for the Display/Color setting from Thousands to Millions. After changing the color depth I could see and interact with the Windows desktop again.

Once I was able to establish a connection I was then able to set the color depth back to Thousands and connect again. I’m not sure what was wrong but changing the color setting and then changing it back seemed to work. It wasn’t an issue with the color setting and the remote machine as the same setting worked when using RDC on another computer.