CM15A (ActiveHome Pro) Antenna Boost


Earlier I was using a CM15A connected to a Windows computer located in the far corner of the house in conjunction with an RR501 Transceiver. The CM15A stock antenna is very weak – it can’t pickup a signal half-way across the house, which is why I had the RR501 setup about mid-way in the house. It did a good job of picking up the remotes (and I never seemed to experience conflicts between the CM15A and the RR501 so it appears that only the RR501 picked up the majority of RF signals).

However, I didn’t care to have a transceiver sitting in a hallway when it shouldn’t have been needed anyway. I decided to look into boosting the CM15A antenna. I tried several suggestions such as placing heavy gauge wire on the antenna or a coat hanger. Several experiments didn’t provide much improvement – the reception may have been boosted from about 10 feet to twenty feet but that wasn’t anywhere near enough to pickup signals on the other side of the house.

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