Using a Zubie Key (Vehicle Monitoring Service)


ZubieMy wife recently purchased a new vehicle and so I started thinking about also purchasing a new vehicle. And then I decided that not having a car payment was something that I currently prefer over having a car payment (note – my wife had a very good reason to purchase a new vehicle, I do not).

Instead of purchasing a new vehicle I decided to add some enhancements to my current one. One of those enhancements is a Zubie Key.

The Zubie Key requires a subscription service that costs $99/year. The device works in conjunction with the Zubie Cloud service, which is used to review data via Web browser or from the Zubie App. When connected to a vehicle’s OBD-II port the device automatically connects to the Zubie Cloud via cellular connection. GPS is also built into the device.

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One Reason Why USPS Tracking Numbers are Sometimes Invalid


I’ve ordered from Amazon recently and sometimes I’ll receive a USPS tracking number that doesn’t work when used on the USPS Website, even though the info was updated within Amazon itself. The answer to this problem is very simple. The items aren’t actually being shipped the entire way via USPS. Sometimes they’re sent most of the way via FedEx. If you plug the same tracking number into the FedEx Website you will probably find the most current info.

When items are shipped this way they can be tracked via FedEx until they reach your local post office.