Tricking a Hotel Room Air Conditioner/Occupancy Sensor


Several months ago I stayed in a hotel in which the room used an “occupancy sensor” to automatically shut off the air conditioner if no movement was detected after a brief delay. I didn’t consider it a true occupancy sensor. Instead, this seemed more like a simple motion sensor.

In my opinion an occupancy sensor shouldn’t shut off the A/C if someone is still in the room. For example, it should be able to detect the body heat of a room’s occupants. After one night of sleeping in a warm room I cobbled together a simple solution.

The core concept is to generate movement that will continuously trigger the motion sensor.

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Super Mario Bros 3 Lives & Items Cheat (Super Mario All-Stars Wii)


I discovered an interesting cheat for Super Mario Bros 3 in Super Mario Bros All-Stars for Wii. Perhaps this is a bug or maybe even something that was by design. It may have existed in the SNES version though it’s been so long since I played it that I don’t remember. While running through World 1 I decided to save and see what happened when I reloaded the game.

When I reloaded the save I was disappointed to see that I would have to go through the levels again. But then I noticed that I had the same number of lives and the same items from before. I proceeded to play through World 1 and then stopped and saved before I got to the castle.

Using this trick I ended up with three warp whistles in World 1! I probably could have gained more but since I didn’t really plan to use them I instead started stocking up on items and lives. Using the old infinite lives trick on 1-2 it wasn’t long before I had several items and a good stock of lives before moving on to World 2.