Sound Logic Retrophone Cell Phone Handset Attachment


More expensive versions of the retro-handset concept have been around for a while. A buddy of mine used to have a Bluetooth version that he used with his iPhone. I wasn’t interested in buying one at the time because they typically cost around $40 at the time. However, I just couldn’t pass this one up at only $10. I came across the Sound Logic Retrophone Cell Phone Handset Attachment at our local CVS (during the same visit when I purchased a cheap router).

It works well as a gag. The sound quality seems to be OK though it doesn’t sound as good as my iPhone speaker. However, this actually adds to the retro concept – the reduced quality is reminiscent of the old analog phones.

There isn’t really much more information to offer. It works as I expected it would and at only $10 I’m not too concerned if it falls apart in the next couple of months.

Using a Foscam Wireless/Wired IP Camera (FI8918W) with Vitamin D Video


Occasionally, in the process of setting up a new piece of equipment, I’ll tinker with configuration options if I can’t get something to work right. Later on I may forget the extra steps I made, which can be a problem when I write in a post that I have a piece of software working with a certain piece of hardware but completely forget that it didn’t work out-of-the-box.

This post has some information about setting up Vitamin D Video to work with a Foscam FI8918W. Currently, Vitamin D Video does not officially support this Foscam model. That may change – I submitted some information to Vitamin D Video this evening which might help them add official support.

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