Smart PDA Phone Toy at the Dollar Tree


While visiting a local Dollar Tree store I came upon an item that I found very interesting. It’s a plastic smartphone PDA toy for kids. What interested me was the icons on the fake screen:


Apple iOS device owners should find them very familiar. Several appear to be direct rip-offs of iOS icons. Others were slightly modified (or older versions that have since been changed).

Wow. Air Mattress Randomness


We’re planning to have some friends stay for a night this week so we decided to order an inflatable bed. While combing through various reviews I came across this product photo:


So very, very bad.

And then I found a product review in which the first line caught my attention. Ah, if I only I could say the same (and do so without incurring any debt to attain such a milestone):

In the Wild: Sour Patch Kids


I first saw these at a Walmart outside of town and then later began to see them at my local Walmart. I’ve always been a fan of Sour Patch Kids candy, which is one of the few candies that correctly uses the word “sour” in its name. Despite it being a much larger bag, I actually eat less of the candy now that I have a long-lasting supply available with each bag: