I visit every once in a while to post something. Posts are somewhat infrequent since I usually only post when I have a useful tip or solution to offer.

My goal with this blog is to provide useful information to geeks so their spouses will not spend hours alone while they try to figure out problems I’ve already solved. If you’ve found some useful information here in the past then you might want to revisit the pages for updates. I often add new information to old posts.

I encourage commenting on posts. Comments are moderated so do me a small favor and make sure that you read the title and the full post before hitting submit. I will delete comments from trolls and people that clearly did not read the item they are commenting on.

In 2017 I started adding Amazon Associate links to the various products I’ve posted about, nearly all of which I have owned and purchased from Amazon.com. In a few cases I may have purchased the item from elsewhere but it’s very likely that my decision to purchase was heavily influenced by product reviews on Amazon.com and in such cases I disclose this information. This is just in the hope that I might earn enough revenue to help cover the costs for this blog so if you’re interested in these items I’ll appreciate any purchases made through the links that I’m using. Amazon prefers that I include this statement:

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

There it is. I don’t earn much. Perhaps enough to help cover the annual costs for this blog.

My approach usually does not involve providing full product reviews or step-by-step setup instructions. Plenty of well-written, detailed reviews are already available. I try to cut through the BS and give a basic, honest opinion and provide practical comments about the pros and cons. This blog is my way of contributing something back to the larger community that generates the various ideas, products and services that I have used over the years.

Thanks for taking a moment to drop by.

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