Kwikset 910 Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic Touchpad Deadbolt


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A while back I decided to purchase a Kwikset 910 Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic Touchpad Deadbolt for one of our properties so I could remotely lock and unlock one of the doors there, which is very useful when you’re trying to sell a house or if Terminix decides to just schedule a day for an inspection without actually confirming that you can be at the property on that day. The 910 currently retails for about $130 though you can find less expensive ones, typically used, on eBay (make sure that it includes the Z-Wave radio module).

I read several reviews on Amazon prior to purchase. In addition, I verified that it is compatible with the Wink 2 hub home automation system. As mentioned in a previous post I also ended up acquiring one to work with an Indigo-based home automation setup without the keypad and original lock attached, which has also worked well.

The lock seems to respond very well to Z-Wave commands regardless of whether it’s connected to Wink 2 or Indigo 7. The 910 can also be rekeyed to use a different key; the process was relatively simple and I haven’t had any problems with this. I’m not sure how long the batteries will last but I can say that both locks have yet to run the batteries down and they’ve been in place for a couple of months now.

When connecting to Indigo 7 make sure that you pair it using encryption or the lock will not actually respond to commands even though it may appear to be properly connected to the system.

The keypad works well; no surprises there and the numbers are not supposed to wear down easily to potentially reveal the numbers used in a code. The one thing that I think is a bit useless is that each key represents two different numbers. Perhaps there’s more to it than I realize but this seems to just make it look like the keypad supports more unique combinations than it actually does and I’m certain that this confused at least one person that was provided an access code.

I haven’t noticed any issues with connectivity though there are wired Z-Wave devices between both locks and their controllers, which would help ensure that the signals travel well.

When I installed the first lock I had issues with the lock not properly finishing its automatic calibration and also failing to lock and unlock properly. The calibration runs whenever the batteries are re-inserted into the unit to determine if it’s aligned properly (part of this is to determine the orientation of the door and lock as well). After a bit of frustration I realized that my brand new batteries must have sat on the shelf at Walmart for far too long and were nearly dead; replacing them completely solved this issue.

Overall I have been extremely pleased with both of the lock configurations I’m using at each property.

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