Using a Kwikset 910 Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic Touchpad Deadbolt without the Keypad


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Normally I would first provide a post with general information about a product like this before diving straight into a tip or modification but I seem to be missing some photos so here it is…

It is possible to use a Kwikset 910 Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic Touchpad Deadbolt without the keypad and provided lock and instead use it with almost any standard deadbolt lock. You will obviously lose the use of the keypad but the lock actuator mechanism and the Z-Wave interface are all located on the part of the lock system that is mounted to the inside part of the door.

Why would someone choose to do this? Well, you may live in a property where you’re simply not permitted to replace the lock or perhaps you’d like to have the advantage of using Z-Wave integration without replacing the outside lock components. So it could be due to restrictions or a desire to maintain the asthetic.

Sure, there may be other systems that can do exactly this without leaving half of a device unused but I simply didn’t find anything with good reviews and I already had experience with this lock (at that property the entire system is in place).

The first lock was purchased from but knowing that I would only use half of the second lock I opted to purchase that one used from eBay. In any case, if you decide to purchase one of these locks for this purpose ensure that it includes the Z-Wave module. I also recommend connecting the entire system before installation to change the factory default codes even though they can’t be used without the keypad connected.

I can’t take credit for this idea as I originally read about it being done successfully in a forum (unfortunately I did not save the link to the forum post). I can state that it works great. I’ve been using this lock for over a month without any problems.

At one property I have the lock connected to a Wink 2 hub and at another it is controlled by Indigo. If you plan to use it with Indigo you must have Indigo 7 or newer; previous versions do not directly support Z-Wave locks and the pairing must be done using encryption. I initially neglected to use encryption and so it appeared to pair properly but the lock (correctly) refused to work until I paired it using encryption.

And yes, this can be very, very useful at times. For example, I’ve already used it several times to unlock the front door before leaving the car to carry a toddler and several bags of groceries at the same time.

Updated 04/18/2018: I’ve been using this lock without the keypad for five months and it continues to work without any problems. 

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