Easy Replacement Cap for a Blitz 6.5 Gallon Water Can


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A few years ago I purchased a Blitz 6.5 Gallon Water Can just in case we had a major hurrican that would knock out power at the house. Though I did fill it a couple of times we did not end up using it (yet).

But one day I lost a cap to a gas can and was in desperate need to replace it. I discovered that the water can’s cap would fit perfectly and so that’s where it ended up. Of course, once used on a gas can it simply wouldn’t be good to use on the water can again.

This year I decided to bring the can to our apartment to prep for hurricane season but unfortunately it still lacked a cap.

Water can cap 02

I went to our local Lowe’s and looked through the aisle with gas cans but was unable to find a replacement cap that would fit. However, while browsing around a Lowe’s associate told me that when he ran a lawn care business they’d get lost all of the time and he’d just use PVC caps to replace them. This sounded like a practical solution and so I headed over to the plumbing section.

I picked up a couple of sizes but the one that fit was a simple 1/2″ PVC cap.

Water can cap 01

In fact, it fit more tightly than the original cap that came with the can.

Water can cap 03

It’s a practical solution to a small problem.

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