Balance Doesn’t Appear in Quicken Essentials for Mac


Recently I noticed that my running balance wasn’t showing up in Quicken Essentials. It seemed like an odd problem and at first I thought it was bug until I did a search and found a support page on Intuit’s Website.

The solution is very simple. The register needs to be sorted by date. I’m not sure how mine was sorted – it appeared to have already been sorted properly. As soon as I re-sorted the register the balances displayed. Running Balance not Displayed in Quicken Essentials for Mac

Upgrading My White 2006 iMac Core Duo to a Core 2 Duo and Installing OS X Lion


Not very long ago I added a post explaining why I didn’t think it would be worth upgrading the processor in my Core Duo iMac and also why I wasn’t in a hurry to upgrade to Lion. Well, as often happens, I wasn’t satisfied with those conclusions and eventually decided that the benefits outweighed the effort involved.

This post won’t include step-by-step instructions – just some general information and maybe a few tips. However, I do think it was indeed worth upgrading my iMac to be able to run Lion.

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