2 thoughts on “Screen Sharing in OS X to Connect to a Different Account on the Local Machine

  1. bowmasters

    Another solution that doesn’t require changing your default vnc port or restarting to disable SIP and modifying multiple files is to use port forwarding. This can be done either with pfctl (packet filter) or by setting up a local ssh tunnel and forwarding the ports.

    Method 1 – pfctl:

    echo ”
    rdr pass inet proto tcp from any to any port 5901 -> port 5900
    ” | sudo pfctl -ef –

    I’m not sure if this will persist across reboots. If not, you may need to modify some config files, which may or may not requires disabling SIP. Alternately, you can create a LaunchAgent that runs the script at startup.

    Method 2 – ssh (make sure “Remote Login” is enabled in sharing preferences first):

    ssh -fN localhost -L

    This will persist until you logout or restart, or if you manually kill the process. Like the pfctl method, this can be made easier by creating a LaunchAgent so it runs at boot. Or you can download the application “SSH Tunnel Manager” which is a gui tool for creating ssh tunnels. You can set it to auto connect the tunnel when it starts and set it to open at login.

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