Various Software


The following is a list of free/open source software that I currently use or have had a good experience with in the past. Note the operating systems listed are the ones that I use these programs on and are not necessarily the only ones these programs have been developed for. In general, if a version is available for OS X and Windows XP there is also a port for Linux.


Audacity (OS X/Windows XP) – A sound editing program. It supports MP3 files but you’ll need to install a seperate file to be able to convert to MP3 format. The interface is simple to use and provides many features. This application has been around for many years and works well.

VLC media player (OS X/Windows XP) – It plays a varied of media formats but I have primarly used it to watch VCDs.


Cyberduck – The icon takes getting used to but I use it for SFTP transfers. For regular FTP transfers I registered Fetch. Fetch is a good program but I later learned that Cyberduck would have sufficed as the problem that lead to purchasing Fetch had more do with the OS X Firewall than the FTP software.

Juice (OS X/Windows XP) – Formally called iPodder, I used to use this program for managing podcast subscriptions and listening to them. I have switched to iTunes since I was given the iPod Nano and already use iTunes anyway.

Mozilla Firefox – I use Firefox as my primary Web browser and only use Internet Explorer when I need to download a file from Microsoft’s Web site or when I am testing a new Web design.

Mozilla Thunderbird (OS X/Windows XP)- I do not currently use Thunderbird as I have access to commercial alternatives but I did use it for a time and found it to work very well.

PopMan (Windows XP) – A POP3 e-mail checker that can be minimized to the System Tray. It supports multiple accounts and event notifications.

[System Utilities/Extras]

Electric Sheep (OS X) – A beautiful screen saver that works with a server and many clients to build a computer “dream”.

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP – I currently have two PowerToys installed, the RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer and the Open Command Window Here. The Open Command Window Here tool is one that I have found to be the most useful over several years.

PC Inspector (Windows XP) – A free file recovery utility that can undelete files on FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS partitions. I have used it to recover files on hard drives and memory sticks.

[Web/Graphic Design]

Inkscape (OS X/Windows XP) – A vector graphics illustration program similar to Adobe Illustrator. (OS X/Windows XP) – An excellent image editing program similar in function to Adobe Photoshop. It is my primary/only image editor on my Mac.

Nvu (OS X/Windows XP) – I have just began experimenting with this program but the interface similarity to Dreamweaver is an attractive quality.

PHP Designer 2005 (Windows XP) – I have used this program extensively when developing scripts. The syntax highlighting and customizations options are well-thought. It also provides support for other languages including JavaScript and Perl.

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