A Dim Bulb (Update)


I searched Google for more info about the problem with my Apple display hoping maybe there was a way to at least disable the “error mode” of the power button when I came across the following post at a page titled Apple PowerMac G4 User’s Log:

“We tried Apple’s recommended fix for this: shutting down the G4, unplugging the display, re-plugging, then booting again– but as you’d expect, that was useless. The owner apparently will have to take the display in for service, at a cost of around $300 if out of warranty, zero dollars if in warranty, and a week of no display at all in either case.”

I decided to try it and sure enough it’s worked. Hopefully, it wasn’t a sign of a bulb going bad. The power light has stopped blinking and the brightness is normal again. Thank goodness for simple fixes.

Apple PowerMac G4 User’s Log

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