Delicious Library


I usually prefer to find a free software app for a specific need, but once in a while I’ll encounter a commercial application that is simply worth buying. A few weeks ago I discovered Delicious Library. It’s a cataloging software package for keeping track of one’s Books, Games, Movies, and Music. One of the more attractive features of this program is its ability to scan barcodes using an iSight camera, which I already have. I tested the trial version, which lets one inventory 25 items. The interface is simple and in most cases the program will find an item’s image and related information in Amazon. When it doesn’t a manual search will often uncover an item entry and the URL can simply be dragged into the program. If an item isn’t listed on Amazon then one can easily enter the data manually.

For $40 it’s a good investment. One other nifty feature is the Borrowers section, which makes it easy to keep track of who borrowed which item.

Delicious Library –

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