Have programmers gone insane?


I tend to frequent downloadsquad.com in the search for quality software. Generally, I’ll hit the site once or twice a day to see if there is anything I would find useful. Frequently, I’ll see an article and screenshot of a program that is just what I’m looking for.

Then it hits me.

It’s Web based.

Aside from the fact that AJAX is just a clever combination of existing technologies (like DHTML) I don’t understand what the Web software craze is all about? I’m uncomfortable with the idea of placing so much personal information on-line, on a Web site that probably isn’t protected as well as my banking site (that’s an assumption, my bank might be wide-open).

I need a good task manager. But I don’t want to have it on the Web. I want it on my PC, where I can access it whether or not I have Internet access and I can easily back it up.

Some Web apps make sense, such as collaboration software though even then one should determine where the program will run from, who will access it, and what would happen if it was breached.

I don’t want my entire DVD collection, my list of things to do, or my important files backed up somewhere on the Net. I want it on my computer. In this age of increasing security concerns I must question the wisdom in placing so much personal data on-line? Some might argue it’s useless information. But consider that such information can be used to build a profile of a person… It’s personal so why put it on the Web? Many of us already have enough information out there and while identity theft is our primary concern at the moment we may learn there are other ways to come under attack simply by providing access to our hobbies and behaviors.

But most important to myself, I want it to run on my computer.

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