Everybody Votes Channel


Yeah! My voter prediction accuracy for the Everybody Votes Channel on the Wii is now up to 75.8%. That’s the highest I’ve gotten so far. That’s with 22 wins and 7 losses out of a total 33. That doesn’t add up, but I’m guessing the difference is for polls I never responded, which were probably sent to my system before I started playing Everybody Votes. The lowest score I’ve had was around 70% to 69% accuracy.

For those without a Wii the Everybody Votes Channel is a Wii Channel you can download. It’s a simple mini-game in which the player selects one of only two answers to a new poll. Once you’ve answered and your response has been sent you can then vote on what you think will be the most popular answer. Your answer does not have to match what you think the majority will select.

Many of the results are extremely close (some are nearly divided in half with a difference of only one percent). It’s a simple time-waster that only takes a few minutes during each session. New questions arrive and I typically have a few days to respond. Questions are group into regional polls (I believe mine is restricted to the United States) and then there is another category for Worldwide polls, which arrive less often and generally have a longer period in which they can be responded to.

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