Playing Heavy Rain and anticipating ModNation Racers


Last week I received a copy of Heavy Rain via GameFly. I finally sat down to put in some hours with Heavy Rain last Sunday. So far it’s lived up to my expectations and I don’t think it’s been over-hyped. One of the reasons I decided to own a PS3 (aside from its obvious BluRay capability) is because the platform tends to be host to some very unique games. That’s not to say there aren’t any for the Xbox 360, but it’s hard to find games that fall into the same realm as Shadow of the Colossus or Little Big Planet. After playing about four hours of Heavy Rain I’m convinced the game belongs in the same company of artistic games. I won’t go into lengthy details but I do recommend that, if you’re interested, to read the various reviews available.

ModNation Racers releases later this week. I’ve already reserved a copy. Overall, reviews have been positive but there have been some very negative, and very consistent, comments regarding long load times in the game. Hopefully, those issues will be resolved prior to its release.

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