Disabling a Scion tC 2006 Front Window Switch


My wife’s driver side window recently stopped working properly. Since it happened we determined that the window track was bent when a gust of wind caught the door and forced it open too far. Not long after this she rolled down her window and then discovered that it wouldn’t roll back up.

I was able to get the window back up but I needed to find a way to prevent it from being rolled down accidentally, until we could fix the problem. One solution would be to just unplug the controls, but that would have disconnected the lock and passenger side window controls as well.

I found a relatively simple way to do this. Essentially, I popped the controls out of the door and disabled the driver’s side window by placing electrical tape over the contacts.

Here’s a side-view of the controls removed from the door. I used a small flat-tip screwdriver to push up on the black plastic to get the white tabs out.

The last photo shows where I covered the contacts with electrical tape. This prevented the buttons from working.

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