Relieving Neck Irritation from CPAP Mask Straps


For quite a while I’ve been dealing with significant irritation on the back of my neck, which is caused by the straps from my CPAP mask. I have the velcro straps set to overlap properly but it seems that somehow the edges where the velcro is at still manages to loosen up enough to rub my neck red. It’s very irritating and leaves my neck feeling raw for part of the morning.

While shopping for some CPAP accessories I came across the SnuggleStrap CPAP Mask Strap Covers. The description wasn’t specific about whether they’d work on the back part of the straps but I found a comment where someone had purchased them for the same reason and they reported that it worked for them.

I went ahead and ordered one set from When they arrived I placed them onto the back end of the straps. I’ve used them two nights in a row so far and I haven’t experienced that kind of irritation since. I think this product has solved that problem for me.

I’ve been using a ResMed Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask for over a year and half. I’ve had very few problems with this mask compared to the Ultra Mirage that I previously used.

Updated 08/08/2011: I’ve been using these oddly named but very helpful covers for about two months and my neck hasn’t been sore since.

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