The Importance of Replacing a CPAP Mask Seal


Every once in a while I’ll start feeling more tired then usual. It usually takes me a day or two before I realize that I’m experiencing problems with my CPAP treatment. I’ve dealt with various problems since I started treatment and only recently did I realize just how important it is to replace the CPAP mask seal.

Over time the mask seal with lose its rigidity. This can lead to several air leaks. It may not be obvious at first because it occurs gradually, over time. In addition, though my machine has a “high leak” alert it appears to only detect very high leaks, not the small leaks that can still cause problems.

Seals by themselves are often not inexpensive. The seal that I use for my full-face masks costs about $54. However, now that I know how critical it is to have a seal in good shape I may end up purchasing an extra one so I’ll always have a spare.

New CPAP Mask Seal with Plastic Clip (Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask)

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