Current Electronic Cigarette Equipment (e-Cig)


Back in September of 2010 I preferred to use a KR808D e-cig model and related equipment. However, since my preferred e-cig store stopped carrying that model I switched over to a Joye eGo. I’ve actually been more pleased with the reliability of the Joye eGo gear in comparison to the KR808D (though I wish the atomizers lasted longer).

I have four batteries. Two came with the kit and I ordered two additional XL batteries.

So far, I’ve kept two USB/wall battery chargers on hand at a time. In all I’ve owned three chargers – one seemed to fail so I replaced it.

I use the Joye510 atomizers and on average they seem to work well for about a week. After a week they begin to provide weak “hits” and after two or three weeks they’ll be too weak to be useful or sometimes die completely. The Zip Tips I originally used with the KR808D atomizers still work well with the Joye510 atomizers.

I also have several cartomizers but haven’t really used any of them yet.

Overall, my ownership of Joye eGo accessories is limited. At this time the only additional item I’ve purchased is a carrying case. I’ve considered purchasing a personal charging case (PCC), like I had with the KR808D, but I’m holding out for a drop in price.

My preferred smoke juice seller is still Johnson Creek Smoke Juice and my preferred flavor is their JC Original.

Pure Smoker Parts

My Preferred Smoke Juice

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