iTunes: SD vs HD and Season Pass


My wife has found a television series that she really enjoys watching. She started watching it before we cancelled our satellite television. Recently, I purchased the third season. She finished it so I looked up season four, which is currently airing and also available in iTunes.

I decided to go ahead and get her a season pass. When I first looked it up I was using my iPhone but when I went to actually purchase it I used iTunes on my iMac. I immediately noticed a huge difference in price. It seems that on the iPhone it had shown the SD price but in iTunes (desktop) it showed the HD price first.

I prefer HD content over SD when it’s at a reasonable price, but what iTunes considers to be SD seems much better than actual SD. In fact, I just don’t think it’s worth paying an additional $10 per season to get the HD version.

So I didn’t. And the SD version looks great on the Apple TV and my wife is enjoying the five episodes that have aired so far.

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