Quick Coins in Super Paper Mario


In a post of Super Paper Mario Wii Cheats one user, Overlord Goomba, posted a tip for making a lot of coins in a relatively short amount of time. The trick involves using a Catch Card SP to capture an Amazy Dayzee and then sell it at the card shop. Catch Card SPs usually cost 100 coins in the Flopside card shop and the Amazy Dayzee card can be sold in either card shop for 300 coins. This trick can be used to quickly max out one’s coins (and still have more cards in reserve).

Unfortunately, this trick requires access to level 5-2 and Flopside, so it’s not something that can be done early in the game.

Once you have at least one catch card (I’d recommend having two for the first trip) you’ll need to head to 5-2 and move through the star doors until you reach the door with the Yoshi statue. Just after the gap with the floating platform, but before the Yoshi statue, you’ll find an Amazy Dayzee in 3-D mode. As soon as you flip, just use the catch card.

It is possible for the card to fail. When I was doing this it probably didn’t work about 1 out of every 4 attempts. However, I never had it fail twice in a row when I immediately tried with another card (just make sure that if it flips to 2D that you follow it before you use the next card).

Once you have enough coins from selling the card (in Flipside or Flopside) you can go back into the level with a stock of many more Catch Card SPs. You won’t have to leave the level to catch the Amazy Dayzee again. Instead, you can just go back through two of the previous star doors, which will restore the enemies (including the Amayz Dayzee) to the Yoshi statue area.

There is another method for racking up coins that can be used after beating Chapter 1-4, which is also mentioned in the guide linked above. It’s much more time consuming, but it can still save a lot of trouble if you need to accumulate a hefty stash of coins early on. For this method you’ll need to start with some coins – at least 11, though going in with more coins will help.

To begin, head to the shop in the town in Chapter 1-2. There you can purchase Shroom Shakes for 11 coins each. Once you’ve purchased all that you can then it’s time to head back to Flipside. However, if you already have a good amount of coins you can save yourself a couple of trips by storing Shroom Shakes in the store. You’ll still be able to retrieve the shakes from the other store in Flipside (or Flopside).

Once you’re done just use the return pipe to go back to Flipside and then head to Saffron’s Restaurant on the first floor of Flipside (one floor below the one with the Flipside shop). She’ll cook each Shroom Shake into a Fried Shroom Plate. You can then sell these at the shops for 35 coins apiece, making an easy profit.

I don’t recommend bothering with the Long Last Shroom Shakes. They cost 15 coins and Saffron will still make them into Fried Shroom Plates, which are worth the same amount of 35 coins.

If you really want to stock up, you can then go back and fully load out your items and storage with Shroom Shakes. It’s not a bad way to earn coins, but the 5-2 method mentioned above is much faster and probably worth waiting for.

Updated 10/11/2011: I added some photos of the relevant screens for the 5-2 tip. I may add some for the other tip the next time that I played. Note that I crossed out the section where I wrote that I did not have the Catch Card SP fail twice in a row. Tonight, while playing for about 30 minutes, I did have this happen. In fact, it failed on two different occasions. Losing two of those catch cards and then getting it on the third means I broke even with the coin “investment” for that particular capture.

The amusing aspect of posting a cheat for what’s really a kid’s game isn’t lost on me. It’s a bit unusual, but if you enjoy playing this game then you might have some fun with these tips that others have discovered. And besides, it’s not really just a kid’s game anyway… right?

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