Resolving Problems Syncing iPhone App Docs with iCloud (When Using Multiple, Migrated MobileMe Accounts)


I migrated our MobileMe accounts to iCloud the day it was released, after updating my iPhone to iOS 5. I was using two accounts. One account is my primary and I synched mail, calendars, contacts, etc using it. I had another account that I only used for e-mail.

Overall, my transition to iOS 5 and migration of the accounts went without any major issues.

Well, that was the case until I tried to use Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on the iPhone with the new iCloud sync capability. For each app I turned on the “Use iCloud” option but every time I opened one of the apps the setting reverted back to off and in the iCloud Website it just showed the intro pages for the apps.

I tried reinstalling Numbers, but that didn’t make a difference. After fiddling around with various settings I finally noticed that the description for the secondary account showed that it was used for “Documents & Data”.

That was very strange since I was only using the primary account to sync that information. In addition, when I viewed the detailed account settings it did not show the “Documents & Data” option at all.

Deleting the secondary account and then adding it back resolved the problem. Since then I’ve been able to sync those documents with iCloud.

So what happened? I think that when the MobileMe account information was migrated to iCloud on the iPhone that the program handling the conversion has a bug that set both accounts to use “Documents & Data”. The primary and secondary accounts conflicted, but only the primary account setting can actually be changed.

While researching this I also came across a post in which someone else described the same problem and resolution. In fact, if I had fully read MDC’s post, instead of skimming it, I would have known how to fix this problem much sooner.

Pages and iCloud will not sync (Apple Support Communities)

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