A Hard Shell Travel Case for a CPAP Device


Since my obstructive sleep apnea is severe I must take my CPAP with me any time that I travel. Otherwise, I’ll feel terrible the next morning. Unfortunately, the device came with a soft case that doesn’t provide the device, and more importantly the mask and hose, any protection from being damaged.

This week I decided to purchase a hard shell case that would offer more protection. I didn’t want to have to keep asking others to be careful about putting their luggage on top of the CPAP case. It wouldn’t take much to break the mask or hose (though the device itself would probably fine).

I ordered a Bolton Tools 18 Inch Box, which also includes foam padding. The foam can be subtracted in pieces to create custom forms. It arrived today and as soon as I got home I removed foam to accommodate the device, mask, and hose. Though the photos do not show it, I also plan to keep an extension cord in this case.

It looks like a good case and that it will adequately protect the CPAP equipment. At least from this point on I can just toss it into the back of a vehicle with luggage and not worry about it.

Updated 11/05/2011: The case worked great on a week long trip. Instead of asking others to watch where they placed their luggage I actually encouraged others to just toss stuff on top of the case. I also kept an extension cord and a tube of Lansinoh HPA Brand Lanolin in the case.

The only problem I’ve noticed is with the foam padding. One reviewer on the Amazon page suggested leaving at least two foam block widths in place because only one won’t hold up. I’ve noticed that even two block width sections are weakening and tend to bend out of place. It’s not a major problem, but I may attempt to reinforce those sections using some rubber cement.

Updated 06/09/2012: The case is still holding up. I used it on every trip I’ve been on since my last update.

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