Keeping FaceTime Windows On Top (OS X and FaceTime 1.1.1)


Last night I was sharing a FaceTime session with my wife via my MacBook Pro. In addition, I was also looking up some information in a Web browser. Several times I was annoyed that the FaceTime window kept falling behind other open program windows.

FaceTime (version 1.1.1) for Mac doesn’t appear to have an option to keep the windows on top. I’m not sure if this was an intentional UI decision or just an oversight – chat programs often have this capability. It’s probably something that will be added in the future but until then I found a solution by installing a program that I’ve used in the past.

Afloat works as an add-on that provides a handful of new window controls, including the ability to keep a window on top for programs that do not have this option built-in. The program is free and the current version works in Snow Leopard and Lion. It works directly from Window menu item. It doesn’t support every program (I didn’t see it appear in Firefox, but it did show up in Acrobat Pro and FaceTime).

Afloat 2.4 (Snow Leopard and Lion) – Developer Website

9 thoughts on “Keeping FaceTime Windows On Top (OS X and FaceTime 1.1.1)

    • Unfortunately I don’t have any suggestions. When I published this post I was only using 10.7 so it may be a compatibility issue. Even though I have since upgraded to Mountain Lion (10.8) I haven’t tried to use that program (and it’s not actually installed on the system I’m using now).

  1. Useless. I can’t even install it in the first place. It just takes me to the GitHub repo webpage. All I see is source code. So they’re basically asking people to download their source code, open it up in xcode, and compile it just so they can use it? Brilliant marketing right there.

    • Don,
      I’m sorry this post is no longer helpful. I’ve visited the developer site and it appears he no longer writes software. I did not find the installer as well. My guess is that the developer chose to make the code available in case anyone else wanted to use it later for a new project though I don’t know why the software itself is no longer available.

  2. machemist

    thanks for this post. I just downloaded Afloat and using it with Facetime to record my e-lectures. It works just fine. Acrobat didn’t seem to work so far but I haven’t messed around much.
    I’m using OS X 10.9.4 and Facetime 3.0

  3. Fisher

    on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.2 (17C88), when using facetime, go to the menu bar, click “video” then click “always on top”

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