Pad A Cheek Mask Liner With Facial Hair


Last week I ordered a Pad A Cheek Mask Liner to use with my ResMed Mirage Quattro mask. It’s a fabric liner for CPAP masks that’s made by a third-party. Ideally, it will reduce leaks around a mask seal while also increasing comfort. At $15 it’s a reasonable price. Unlike the RemZZZs mask liners, which are intended to only be used for one night, this liner is much more durable and can even be washed by hand.

The new liner was waiting for me when I returned from a work trip. This morning I unpacked the liner and gave it a try.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to work for me. Despite reading forum posts in which some users with facial hair reported that it improved their seals, I found that it did the opposite. In fact, as soon as I turned on my CPAP I immediately noticed bad leaks around my beard. These leaks were worse than using the mask without the liner.

For individuals without facial hair this seal may indeed reduce leaks and improve comfort. I may suggest this type of liner to my wife for use with her ResMed Quattro FX mask. She’s been satisfied with the RemZZZs liners but the Pad A Cheek may prove more comfortable and much more durable.

So far the most effective method I’ve found for establishing a better seal around my beard is to use Lansinoh HPA Brand Lanolin on the silicone mask seal.

Updated 11/11/2011: I also purchased one for my wife, which is made for a Resmed Quatrro FX. She’s had a chance to use it a few nights and so far she loves it. For her it’s much more comfortable than the RemZZZs, which moved around too much. I checked her machine stats. The leak rate was higher than I’ve seen for her, but her AHI was still very good and she said that she slept fine and didn’t notice any leaks.

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