RetroBit Retro Adapter NES Controller to USB Port Adapter


Using an original game console controller makes a big difference when playing emulated games. The experience can end up being as good as playing an original system. There’s just a certain feel to the buttons that usually can’t be replicated with a newer controller. It’s a combination of several factors (how the buttons feel, the size of the controller, etc).

A couple of months ago I bought some original NES controllers at a pawn shop for about $5 each. They sat in a drawer unused until I purchased two RetroBit Retro Adapter NES Controller to USB Port Adapters (under $12 each) from Amazon.

The adapters seem to work perfectly. I was able to use one adapter and one controller in OS X Lion with Nestopia without any problems. Some time soon I’ll hook up two controllers at the same time to find out if they can be used at the same time for two-player games.

I’ve very satisfied with these adapters. Playing older games with them is a lot more fun that using a modern USB controller. I’m looking forward to receiving a set of SNES controllers I’ve ordered, which I’ll use with an SNES to USB controller adapter that I already own.

5 thoughts on “RetroBit Retro Adapter NES Controller to USB Port Adapter

  1. Andrew Nation


    I just got one of these myself, but I’m having a lot of trouble with it. It seems to always think one of the direction buttons is being pressed. It sounds like you had no such problems but I thought I’d throw this out there just in case. Any ideas? Any extra details you might remember about setup would be great, also!

    Nestopia v1.4.1
    Emulator Enhancer v2.4.0
    OSX v10.8.2

    Thanks 1M for anything!

    • Andrew,

      I just tested one of the adapters with an NES controller and did not experience the problem that you’re having. I used the same version of Nestopia and Emulator Enhancer. I’m also running the same version of OS X as you.

      My system is a 13″ Mid 2012 MacBook Pro with the RAM maxed out at 16GB. This is not the same system I originally used when I wrote the post but it seems to work the same way. The new system came with Lion and was then upgraded to Mountain Lion. I don’t know if it would make any difference but I’ve never had any other versions of Nestopia or Emulator Enhancer installed on this system.

      I only used one controller. I didn’t try plugging two in at the same time. In addition, I only tested it for a few minutes in two games.

      I’m not sure if this information will help you track down the problem.

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