A Gamer’s Opinion of New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS)


Every now and then I’ll mention a game in this blog. I have no intention of regularly posting game reviews. For one, I don’t play enough games (or the same ones often enough) to make it a habit to discuss games very often. Yet, every once in a while I have an opinion about a game that I think is worth sharing with my audience (however small and infrequent it may be).

Based on the content posted here my assumption is that most visitors are geeks. These are probably people that like fiddling around with technology and many of you play at least some video games.

Last week I received a copy of New Super Mario Bros 2 for 3DS, which I bought from Amazon. I’ve had a 3DS for a little while and every now and then I take the time to play a game or two. Much of the reason I still enjoy playing Nintendo games is the sense of nostalgia the games, especially the Mario games, create.

Before ordering NSMB 2 I read several reviews. Overall, they were very good but I noticed a common complaint from reviewers. Specifically, many felt that the game offered too many coins and extra lives, to the point that the coins and lives were devalued.

I disagree. Yes, it does have a lot (A LOT) of coins and racking up extra lives is much easier, but I don’t think it hurts the game. For one thing, coins aren’t as easy to accumulate all the way through the game, which makes me wonder if many of the reviewers played more than a few levels.

In addition, it doesn’t really steal the focus away from the gameplay. Sure, sometimes I had Mario running around grabbing every coin in sight but most of the time I was more focused on finishing the levels. Some might argue that fewer coins, and thus fewer lives, make the game too easy by removing the strategy that often comes from only having a handful of lives in reserve.

I don’t really care. Honestly, I’m not into playing a game to the point that I can perfectly time every single jump. These days I’m more interested in just kicking back and having fun.

I don’t want to play games that are easy but I don’t want to have to become an expert in order to finish them. I simply don’t care to replay a level twenty times in a row just to beat it.

There was a time when games were simpler and I had no real responsibilities (a kid in school), when I could devote days to simply learning every move. I’m still proud that I beat Mega Man I, II, and III with skill alone. No cheats or game guides.

On the other hand I will probably never again try to build up that much skill for any game. Ever. I just don’t have the time.

I don’t suck, either. If you sit me down in front of Super Mario Bros. 3 I can still remember every secret and probably school most kids.

If you’re interested in NSMB 2, but concerned about the reviews, don’t be. It’s fun and is a great combination of classic Mario games with an interesting mix of tricks from more recent games.

Updated 09/10/2012: My earlier impressions have held true. I still don’t have an issue with the abundance of coins and the levels are fun to play. Actually, because lives are easy to come by I’ve spent more effort to collect the three Star Coins hidden in most levels.

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