TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter



Several months ago I decided to purchase a set of Bluetooth headphones so I could, on occasion, watch TV in the bedroom late at night without disturbing my wife. At one time I had a wireless headphones set that worked well for this purpose but they were simply very bulky (both the charging unit and the headphones themselves). I attempted to use a jail-broken iPod as well but I wasn’t satisfied with that either.


The TV itself doesn’t support Bluetooth so I decided to purchasing a Bluetooth audio transmitter. In this case, one manufactured by TaoTronics, which is small and reliable. Overall the device is very good but there is a slight delay in the audio that is noticeable relative to the action on TV, especially with dialog, though I grew accustomed to it rather quickly.

For simply converting an analog sound signal to Bluetooth it works great but if you’re looking to do the same thing, which is to push TV or movie audio to Bluetooth headphones, you might want to look for something that does not have a noticeable delay in the audio signal.

The sound quality over Bluetooth is very good and it serves its intended purpose.

Bluetooth-Transmitter-01 Bluetooth-Transmitter-02 Bluetooth-Transmitter-04

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