Bookmark Roundup 1


I’ve been meaning to cull through my bookmarks and drag out some of the more interesting links. Many of these items have been featured on,,, and similar sites. – This link is an anti-pirating video produced by Adobe that’s meant to discourage illegal copying. While I prefer to purchase software and encourage others to do the same I find this video as absurd as it is funny.

Install iPod Linux on iPod nano – A guide for installing Podzilla (Linux) on the iPod Nano. It’s actually based on another guide but simple to follow though there are a couple of errors in the guide.

Newegg Tradein Center – Newegg will accept used computers and some peripherals in exchange for gift certificates, which you can use toward purchases at their on-line store.

Superman Returns Teaser Trailer – What little you actually see appears to be well crafted.

DOS Games Archive – An archive of free and shareware DOS games.

Cloud – A simple, relaxing game.

Unusual technical images of equipment used in World War II

SwitchEasy – They sell some very tempting iPod Nano cases.

Make Your PC Work Like a Mac

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